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Squeeze Play

Get the most out of every dollar.

Learn how to squeeze extra dollars out of your everyday purchases, so you can save for the stuff you really want, like a new computer or an unforgettable trip. You might even be able to pay back your tuition and get debt-free faster.

Instructions: Enter the number of times a month on average you buy transit passes, specialty coffees, etc. We’ll show you how much you can save by switching to cheaper or discount versions.

Print this page You could save  $0.00  every month!

When you’re buying: It costs: How often do you buy it (per month)? Subtotal Switch to: It costs: How often do you buy it (per month)? Subtotal Monthly Savings
Single Transit Fare $3.10   Monthly Pass $120.00    
Fast Food Lunches $9.00   Home Made Lunch $5.00    
Brand Name T shirt $70.00   Discount or Used t shirt $20.00    
New Textbook $75.00   Used Textbook $35.00    
Brand Name Detergent $9.00   No Name Detergent $5.00    
New Phone App $1.99   “Lite” Version App $0.00    
Department Store Makeup $25.00   Drugstore Makeup $12.00    
Specialty Store Coffee $5.00   Homemade Coffee $1.00    
Salon brand Shampoo + Conditioner $28.00   No-Name Shampoo + Conditioner $7.00    
Full CDs $16.00   Single Song Download $0.99    
Off hours calls on cell phone (per minute) $0.25   Cell calls during plan $0.00    
Movie Theatre Ticket $14.00   Movie rental $6.00    
Yoga Class $20.00   Workout Tape $20.00    
Vending Machine Snack $2.50   Bulk Snack Pack (12 pack) $8.00    
Single Water/Juice/Soda $2.00   Bulk Water/Juice/Soda (12 pack) $6.00    
Brand Name Razor blade $22.00   Disposable Razors (12 pack) $5.00    
Single Taxi Cab Ride $20.00   Shared cab ride with 3 friends $5.00    

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