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Budget Tracker

How accurately do you estimate your monthly expenses? This tool will help you to compare the difference between what you budget for and where your money actually goes each month.

To really get the most out of this tool, use it monthly. You can create and save your own personalized monthly budgets, which will help increase your awareness of your spending habits so you can create strategies to stay on track.

Instructions: Fill in the amounts you think you will spend in each of the expense fields (Amount Budgeted column) that apply to you. When you pay an expense/bill, enter the actual amount you spent (Actual Amount column).

When you’re done, click the “Grade Me” button. You’ll see just how accurate your estimates are and get helpful tips.

Don’t forget to enter your income first!

Expenses Amount
Rent $0.00
Utilities (heat + hydro) $150.00
Tuition + Fees $0.00
School Supplies $0.00
Phone $0.00
Cell Phone $0.00
Cable/Internet -$20.00
Snacks/Sodas/Coffee $0.00
Off-Campus Meals $0.00
Public Transit $0.00
Toiletries/Household Supplies $0.00
Clothing/Laundry $0.00
Car Payments + Gas $0.00
Insurance (car/rental/health) $0.00
Gifts (birthdays/charities) $0.00
Loan Payments $0.00
Credit Cards $0.00
Savings Plan $0.00
RRSP Plan $0.00
Travel $0.00
Movies/rentals $0.00
Games/electronics $0.00
Music/concerts $0.00
Choir tickets $150.00
helmet -$45.00
Other $10.00
Other $300.00
Other $80.00
Other -$150.00
TOTALS $1,540.00 $1,065.00 $475.00


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