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Money Saving Tips

Learn helpful ways to save cash from other students. Or share a tip or trick of your own.


During the summer, the two best and cheapest ways to get places are; walking to, or riding my bike to the destination point. The other way to save money on transportation (and this one is good for both summer and winter) is to work out a carpool agreement with any others who want to go to the same place.

Watch the flyers. It saves you a lot of money when you are able to find the stores that are having sales - Coupons, clipping and saving is the best way to grocery shop - Cooking the night before and putting some away in lunch dish is always convenient.

Borrow movies from the library, check out a matinee instead of an evening show to save on tickets. Want a dinner out with friends, have a pot luck supper.

Living Social and other sites like Groupon have great deals like 50% off of a restaurant or a 2 for 1 special for a comedy club show! They are worth checking out!


A great money saving tip for your cell phone bill is use a pay as you go phone plan. This prevents racking up a huge cell phone bill without even realizing it. This allows you to limit your monthly cell phone spending and save save save!

A cool and original way to save money is thrift stores! You get a cool vintage look and chances are nobody else is going to be wearing it! Another way is by subscribing to your favourite store's websites and getting emails for ongoing promotions- this way you'll get it first and at a discounted price! Also checking out bargain stores - you never know what you'll find! And finally using my SPC card to save as much as 25% in great stores!

Buy the basics, like tank tops, plain t-shirts, etc, cheap, so that you can afford to splurge a little on things like jeans or sweaters.

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